Hyphen skincare: The brand is introduced by Kriti Sanon in collaboration with mCaffeine’s parent firm.

hyphen skincare

Hyphen is a skincare line developed in collaboration with celebrity entrepreneur Kriti Sanon and PEP Technologies, the maker of mCaffeine. Hyphen skincare was created with the primary goal of offering straightforward and practical skincare solutions after realizing the necessity for an uncomplicated skincare regimen.

Hyphen skincare aspires to make everyone’s skincare adventures simple, attainable, and inexpensive. This cutting-edge Indian skincare company skillfully combines the strength of nature with the potency of science by mixing several advantages in a single multipurpose solution. Hyphen skincare is committed to dismantling the difficulties and complexities that accompany regular skincare routines.

The parent business of mCaffeine, PEP Technologies, has partnered in an unprecedented way with the powerful Kriti Sanon. In this special partnership, Kriti’s powerful impact and love for skincare are combined with mCaffeine’s proficiency in R&D, marketing, supply chain, distribution, logistics, and digital marketing.

hyphen mcaffeine

They want to transform their respective industries as leaders in the industry. Kriti Sanon also has “skin in the game,” demonstrating her dedication to the venture’s success and her belief in the possibilities of the relationship.

PEP Technologies, the majority shareholder, would spend 30 crores in Hyphen skincare as part of the first round of investment, fostering the growth and success of the collaboration. The cooperation offers breakthroughs, commercial expansion, and advancements. They set out on an adventurous journey to forge the most effective and ideal alliance possible.

Kriti Sanon has devoted her life to Hyphen skincare, and in an effort to stand apart, she has now started her own skincare company. She encountered Team mCaffeine while engaged in this thrilling activity. Tarun Sharma, Saurabh Singhal, Mohit Jain, and Vikas Lachhwani, the other founding members of PEP Technologies, join forces with Kriti and Vaishali Gupta, Co-founders and Chief Growth Officer at mCaffeine, to form Hyphen, a dynamic team of six driven and committed engineers.

One thing that ties Kriti and Vaishali together is their constant dedication to a customer-centric strategy. Their enthusiasm, capacity for problem-solving, and unwavering moral principles are perfectly in line with Hyphen’s core values. Kriti is more involved in the company than merely being a Co-Founder. Her duties as the Chief Customer Officer will be assumed by her.She actively engages in several activities, such as research, product development, and painstaking attention to detail. In order to guarantee unsurpassed quality and effectiveness, she personally oversees the design of the packaging and other crucial components in addition to subjecting each product to rigorous testing.

In addition, she is in charge of directing the creation and application of plans to improve general customer pleasure and experience, which will ultimately promote customer loyalty and retention while coordinating corporate objectives with customer needs.

Barrier Care Cream (available in two variants for oily skin and normal to dry skin types priced at Rs. 449/-), Golden Hour Glow Serum (For Rs. 649/-), and All I Need Sunscreen SPF 50 PA++++ (For Rs. 449/-) are three essential daily products from Hyphen that simplify the skincare journey for beautiful, healthy skin. Take advantage of the operating company’s scale; starting on the first day, the brand will be accessible in 18000 pin codes.

Kriti Sanon, Co-Founder of Hyphen skincare and Chief Customer Officer of the company, is featured in an engrossing film that introduces the brand and its goods as well as discusses why Hyphen skincare was created.

Hyphen skincare co-founder and chief customer officer, Kriti Sanon, stated: “We are thrilled to introduce the world to our remarkable brand, Hyphen. I’m thrilled to be working with my partners and co-founders Tarun, Vaishali, Vikas, Saurabh, and Mohit as we get ready to launch a line of ground-breaking products that can address a variety of skin issues.

“Our journey begins with thorough market research and analysis, and thanks to the expertise of the PEP Technologies team, we were able to fully comprehend the market and lay the groundwork for the development of Hyphen skincare. I’ve always had a fascination for skincare, and as I’ve gotten older, that passion has only grown.

“Hyphen skincare acts as the ideal fusion of these two elements. As the co-founder and chief customer officer of the company, I have tried and evaluated all three of the company’s products. I have been using them for the past four months, and I can honestly say that they have improved my skincare routine.

“It is my sincere hope that using our items would bring about the same level of satisfaction for our cherished customers. I can confidently state that we have developed a potent yet well-balanced and reasonably priced remedy for skin issues using the strength of nature and the potency of technology. With PEP technologies fully established in the sector, their in-depth expertise and broad experience place them among the sector’s forerunners.

kritisanon skincare

“As we launch Hyphen and enter the skincare business, their track record of success and experience make them an ideal partner for us. As we set out on this thrilling trip, we enthusiastically look forward to hearing from our loyal consumers. Sanon said, “We are “the more” you deserve.

The joy of working with Kriti Sanon to launch Hyphen, according to Hyphen’s co-founder and chief growth officer Vaishali Gupta, “knows no bounds.” Her great attention to detail and sincere interest in the ingredients immediately captured our attention. In preparation for the launch of a new brand, Kriti’s idea and our concept perfectly complement one another at PEP Technologies.

This partnership opens up countless opportunities, enabling us to serve a variety of clientele and address numerous skin concerns head-on. Our goal is to make Hyphen the fastest-growing 100 Cr D2C skincare brand in India. Our vision for Hyphen is both ambitious and encouraging. With unyielding resolve and an outstanding staff, we are poised to transform the skincare sector and leave a lasting impression on the hearts of our devoted customers. Gupta tacked on.

Hyphen skincare sells multiple-ingredient goods that are entirely vegan, verified by PETA, and free of animal testing. The company states that it operates with a plastic-free footprint. Their focus to clean ingredients ensures that the products are devoid of dangerous chemicals and reflects their commitment to sustainability. With Hyphen, you can be sure that you’re doing more than just caring for your skin—you’re also helping the environment.


Hyphen skincare brand that solves problems, is committed to enabling people to “have it all” by hyphenating their identity, their skincare experience, and defying expectations. The name itself stems from the idea of hyphenation, which stands for the capacity to transcend what is regarded as typical or usual. The company’s philosophy is that people may achieve more and enjoy their individual beauty by embracing the power of hyphenation.

Keep an eye out as the company innovates and rolls out new, innovative items to streamline and enrich your skincare journey.     

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